Articles discussing my research on the social lives of books
Times Literary Supplement“David Foster Wallace on Planet Trillaphon”
Studies in the Novel – Review of The Legacy of David Foster Wallace
New York Times – “Thinking Cap: From David Foster Wallace to Bret Easton Ellis by Way of Faulkner”
Chronicle of Higher Education“‘Big Tent Digital Humanities,’ A View from the Edge”
Chronicle of Higher Education“The Afterlife of David Foster Wallace”

Articles about the Center for Science and the Imagination
CNN – “Sci-fi writers help scientists bridge gap between fantasy and reality,”
New York Times – “A Place Where Science and Science Fiction Can Be of One Mind,”
i09 – “How Neal Stephenson’s 20-Kilometer Space Tower Could Change Everything”
New Scientist – “Space Tower: Could We Build a Stratosphere Skyscraper?”
Wired – “The Center for Science and the Imagination”
MIT Technology Review – “Neal Stephenson on Science Fiction, Building Towers 20 Kilometers High…and Insurance”

To the Best of Our Knowledge “Science and the Imagination”
The Conversation – Episode 55
Arizona State University Libraries, Digital Repository – Faculty Profile Interview
Arizona State University Libraries – A Conversation with Alan Dean Foster
Emory University, Digital Scholarship Commons – “American Networks, American Nerds”


A Conversation with Neal Stephenson. Association of Science-Technology Centers Keynote, October 2013

Building Better Dreams: Conversations at ASU’s new Center for Science and the Imagination – September 2012

Emerging Technologies & Science and the Imagination, Center for Games and Impact – October 2012

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