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I’m downsizing. My long-running blog Parlay began as a personal experiment, evolved into a largely unsuccessful promotional vehicle, dawdled along as a lifeless bundle of digital flotsam, and now has finally been put to rest. Maybe with just one garden of words to tend I can do a better job. Http:// will now point here.

I hope to write here about my research, the looming dissertation (more on that in a separate post), and items of more general interest.

Getting Listed

Ian Hsu has been hired by Stanford to bring more attention to new media activity around the campus (title: Director of Internet Media Outreach). He’s just launched one major initiative: the Stanford Blog Directory. Yours truly is up there, along with a few other students (and many more blogs by Stanford groups, faculty and staff). Hopefully as we move forward more students will join the listing, since I know there are a lot more bloggers lurking on campus. Nevertheless, it’s nice to be in on the ground floor–thanks for the listing, Ian!