2 thoughts on “Digital Humanities Roundtable”

  1. Dear Mr. Finn,

    I write to thank you for this very helpful expression of a tension I have sensed as I acquaint myself with the new insurgency of the so-called “digital humanities.”

    As you may know, I've recently embarked on an analysis of the movement in my New York Times column (not to say, blog) and the fourth essay in the series — http://bit.ly/H4Suf4 — makes reference to your vertiginous “Prezi.” It also offers, I'm afraid, a bit of a challenge to the facile conclusions you draw.

    Stanley Fish

  2. Dear Mr. Fish,

    What a delight to discover your latest deposit in the trenches of learned debate right here on my blog! I look forward to catching you the next time you roll through Phoenix.


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