Digital Humanities 2011

I’ll revise this post later. For now, here are the slides for my presentation in PowerPoint:

And a slightly modified PDF (without all the quote fly-ins):


I’ve finally returned to add to this post. I had a great time at Stanford’s Digital Humanities 2011, and the conference once again impressed me: quality work and a truly collaborative atmosphere. I was lucky enough to be on a panel organized by Franco Moretti and starring Zephyr Frank and Rhiannon Lewis. I thought it was a huge success and I was thrilled to see it written up in the Chronicle.

This was my third year at Digital Humanities and for the first time I really felt like part of a community where I had friends to see and news to catch up on. The effect was of course magnified because I was returning to my “home” institution, which I hardly saw in the last three years of grad school after I moved to Phoenix. I really enjoyed hanging out with the Stanford DH crew at the banquet and I even got a photo credit. I’m grateful to Franco for the panel, Matt Jockers and Glen Worthey for organizing the whole shebang, and the English department for very generously supporting my trip after I was technically no longer a student there.

As for my talk, I think I’ll let the slides and linked abstract speak for themselves. If someone is dying for the voice-over, let me know and I’ll try to find some time. For now, onwards and upwards.

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